Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scenic Puntilla Lake

It all seems like an idyllic place, but the 24 hours preceding 9 am this morning the ceiling was no more than 200 feet above the lake and frequently the Super Cub would not have been distinguishable. Now, however, this is a little piece of heaven.

Monday, June 17, 2013

End of a lovely trip

Waiting at Mount Wright for the tour boat to pick us up, we listen to the sound of a humpback whale exhale as it paces back and forth in the mouth of Muir Inlet.
After three glorious days, this morning we woke to the sound of rain...if we had to pack camp in the rain, at least it was the last morning. Now the clouds have cleared and it is glorious weather again. We've been fortunate with this 10 day stretch of unusual weather.

There are more photos here

June 17 -- Mt Wright

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Last night in paradise

Our camp at the north end of Garforth Island is different than all the others, a truly sandy beach and the water is crystal clear. It was another hot day but the morning respite was a good wind blowing down Muir Inlet. The wind, of course started up as we were 1/4 of the way across the inlet back to the east side. Between the north wind and the strong ebb we made great time. We saw two northbound kayakers resting at Muir Point waiting for the wind to die and the tide to change. We were in our camp by early afternoon and lazed around, strolling the beaches, and trying to stay cool. There are a lot of nesting oyster catchers here, they come charging out of the grass with all sorts of shrill calls and theatrics. This evening while having our dinner a half dozen of the crazy birds came out of the wood work and  noisily chased each other around the island. Must have been the social hour.
Tomorrow we have an early rise and a short paddle across the channel to Mt Wright to meet the tour boat for our pick up. It's almost exactly 31 years since E & I took our first romantic overnight canoe trip  that sealed our life together, this trip has sealed us together even more!
June 16 Garforth Island

Saturday, June 15, 2013

McBride Inlet -- Hunter Cove

We awoke to a chilly morning with the booming sound of McBride Glacier calving new bergs to add to the morning ebb procession. We had a great morning ride on the ebb along the west side of Muir Inlet, but as the day turned to afternoon the heat from the sun became overwhelming, there was a nice breeze to gusty winds blowing out of Wachusett Inlet, but that did little to temper the sun. Imagine Sea of Cortez with glaciated mountains. It took us a while to find a suitable campsite without signs of bear activity, finally picking a little gravel shelf with enough room for a bear to pass without stepping on our tent. We had true sea-side dining at high tide.
We are falling asleep to the sound of forest song birds and sea birds all at the same time.
June 15

Friday, June 14, 2013

McBride Inlet

We made it to the mouth of McBride Inlet just about one hour before high tide. As the ebb started, a stately parade of bergs flowed out into Muir Inlet, crunching, grinding, and booming their escape out to sea.
We had had a glorious sunny paddle northward past Goose Cove and The Nunatak after waking up several times during the night to the sound of exhaling porpoise.
E and I are really enjoying our company traveling together through this magnificent place!
June 14

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Glacier Bay -- Day 1

Mount Wright to north of Klotz Hills.
Two humans alone in the wilderness besieged by millions of black flies and mosquitoes...only a thin layer of mesh is protecting us from complete exsanguination. 
Seemingly alone in Muir inlet we paddled north on the flood tide and following winds. Along the way we saw mountain goat nannies and kids, a black bear, Dall  harbor porpoise, loons, murelets, oyster catchers, arctic terns, etc. Our first choices for campsites turned out to be nest sites for terns and gulls. The campsite we ended up with has a bear highway running through the prime tent site on the beach ridge, so we cooked on the beach and camped in a little alcove in the woods well off the beach and bear trail.
After a delicious meal we nestle in our tent enjoying each others companionship. 
June 13