Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grand Canyon - Day 7

Rattlesnake to Zoroaster -- 1 October
Lots of excitement in the morning after our 9:40 start. Dan rowed with me all day. In the morning there were a couple of sharp riffles then we arrived at Nevills Rapid. We managed to make the left run, somewhat under control, hitting one pour-over rock and avoiding a few others.
From Grand Canyon Day 7

We arrived at Hance at 1:00, Hance is still in the Proterozoic, a large fault occupied by a large basalt dike probably helps out the drop. We were backed up behind several trips on the scout, so got to watch several boats go through, saw a few ways NOT to run it, and some others with perfect runs. At this water level, Hance is probably one of the more technical rapids requiring several precise moves to work down a through what is essentially a big boulder garden. I tried making the downstream ferry into the "duck pond" at the top of the rapid, but got twisted around by laminar flow in the tongue and mostly missed the duck pond, but was still in pretty good position to miss most of the rocks and pour-overs, and get a good sideways look at the "whale rock" at the bottom of the rapid.
We passed through the Bass Limestone and Hotauto Conglomerate and into the Archean Vishnu schist and Zoroaster granite where we had a delayed feeding frenzy between brief thunderstorms.
From Grand Canyon Day 7

After lunch there was Sockdolager, Grapevine, and 83-mile rapid before we tucked in at Zoraster camp, and active eddy and nice beach next to a noisy riffle. Despite the riffle we could hear the Montana trip partying it up into the evening with a pretty big bonfire at the camp just above us.